Forumotion virus/malware infection

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Forumotion virus/malware infection Empty Forumotion virus/malware infection

Post by AJ Hare on Fri Jul 15, 2016 9:33 am

Hi all,

I am having serious issues with the forumotion site. From time to time it redirects me to a different website when I click on a navigation link. It does not happen every time but it only happens when I am on the forum.

Then last night something hijacked my chrome browser, pretending to be Microsoft, saying I needed to call a 1 855 phone number because a Trojan was detected on my computer. I did not call, I force closed chrome from the task manager.

Has anyone else had a similar problem?
AJ Hare
AJ Hare

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Forumotion virus/malware infection Empty Re: Forumotion virus/malware infection

Post by CA Jarrett on Fri Jul 15, 2016 11:56 am

Yeah, I got that too and submitted it to Forumotion to see WTH is going on. They need to update their security certs, which is how it's getting through.

If it happens again, please let me know.
CA Jarrett
CA Jarrett

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